Reicherts of Kraft, Russia

Dick Bowland's mother was Marie Katharina Reichert b. 8 Jul 1905 in Kraft, and died 28 Dec 1924 in Denver, CO, when Dick was only 5 weeks old. She had two brothers: David Raymond Reichert b. 24 Aug 1897 and d. 31 Oct 1973 in Longmont, CO, and Reine Rinehart Reichert born 27 Oct 1900, d. 3 Jul 1968 Wheatridge, CO.

Her parents were Reinhart Fredrich Reichert b. 24 Sep 1872 in Kraft, and died 9 Nov 1943 in Denver; and Anna Marie Niedens b. 25 Aug 1871 in Kraft, and died 29 Nov 1949 in Denver. The Declaration of Intention signed by Reinhart on 30 Dec 1919, says he emigrated from Kraft, Russia, with the Port of Departure being Hamburg, Germany, on the Ship Ladenia, which arrived in New York on 18 Apr 1907. He is married to Anna Reichert, also of "Werchvie" (Kraft) Russia. living at 4613 Columbine St. in Denver, CO. He is a laborer, age 47, white, 5' 3" tall, weighing 140 lbs. with brown hair and gray eyes, and no visible distinctive marks.

Reinhart was one of six children of Fredrich Reichert. Two brothers, Gottlieb (1875-1947) married Anna Schneider (d. 3 Jan 1950 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada); and Henry who married Katherine Schlothauer. They also immigrated to the U. S. or Canada. Another brother, believed to be Jacob, and two sisters stayed in Russia.

Fredrick Reichert was the Mayor of Kraft in the late 1800's and early 1900's. He was sentenced to be shot by the firing squad for skimming off wheat that the Russians took from the farmers as a tax, and returning it to the German people. This must have been in the 1920's, as he was 78 years old, and escaped the death sentence because of his age.

Dick received Reichert information from Vlad Soshnikov of RAGAS in June 1997, but has not positively linked his family to this information which is from the 1834,1850, 1858 and Kraft Census records.

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