According to Ed Hoak, the cemetery was destroyed after the deportation in 1941 and the only burials recorded are after 1960 when the Germans were allowed to return. The cemetery is laid out such as to have the German burials along the west side and the Orthodox graves along another fence line at right angles. Each of the graves has a metal fence surrounding it. The old graves are within the fenced cemetery enclosure, but not marked in any way. It looks more like an open field. David and Natalie visited the cemetery with Ed Hoak as he copied the German names on the tombstones. The names found were Maier, Steak, Peil, Kyle, Erhardt, Nuss, Fritzler, Krum, Mai, Gritzfeld, Shaf, Schwendich, Leber, Kailman, and Schulte: The inscriptions are written in Russian, and an English/German translation is as follows.

Additional information about the people below was furnished by Maria Leimann, former resident of Holstein.

Alexander Maier Karl February 18, 1958 November 11, 1990
Adam Steak Rudolph November 1952 November 10, 1988
Georg Keil
(Descendents are in Germany)
Heinrich Keil Feb. 2, 1902, Mueller June 3, 1981
Alexander Erhardt Gottfried January 24, 1950 November 1, 1979
David Maier Gregory (Descendents are in Germany)
Victor Maier, brother to David above Gregory (Descendents are in Germany)
Gottfried Peil, nephew of Friedrich Peil David Peil Mar 24, 1939 Dec. 28. 1984

Olga Peil, wife of Gottfried Peil
(Children of Gottfried and Olga are in Germany)

David Hildermann Jan 1, 1946 Aug. 27, 1976
Friedrich Peil, uncle to Gottfried Peil Adam Peil March 13, 1912 April 6, 1990
Alvina Kelln, wife by civil marriage to Friedrich Peil Samuel Usinger Dec. 25, 1908 Jan. 20, 1975
Jacob Schwendich   1924, Ukraine  
Wladimir Schwendich, son of Jacob Jacob January 24, 1948 April 17, 1967
Anna Martin, mother of Jacob Schwendich   (Dau. of Anna Martin is in Germany)
Jacob Fritzler, husband of Ida      
Alexander Krum Bogdan February 29, 1928 June 4, 1974
Adam Mai   1914 1973
David Gritzfeld. Some of his children are now in Germany, some in Volgograd Alexander December 25, 1910 May 10, 1971
Victor Shaf David April 16, 1931 August 24, 1968
Maria Erhart Gottfried April 12, 1902 February 24, 1984
Henry Erhart, father of Natalie's husband, Director of Collective before the war Gottfried June 7, 1900 May 10, 1937
Margareta Meier, mother to Ida Fritzler, Nurse in the hospital before the war Konrad June 23, 1897 April 19, 1985
Vladimir Leber Heinrich January 7, 1955 August 26, 1985
Jacob Kailman   November 6, 1932 April 6, 1993
Andrei Schulteis Alexander December 5, 1989 July 22, 1993
Alexander Nuss   September 7, 1929 March 30, 1997
Vladimir Nuss   April 8, 1927 April 3, 1998
Alexander Nuss Lederna 1931 1976
Leroska Nuss   January 19, 1963 February 3, 1999


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