The following letters were contributed by Maria Leimann. David Kuxhausen was Maria's uncle.

In October 1941, David Kuxhausen was working at the labor camp, Iwdel. He was dismissed from work as incurably ill in early 1942. He recovered while living with his mother. David was then sent to the labor camp, Temirtau, in October/November 1942. Temirtau was in the Nowosibisk region near Kusedeewsk.

David Kuxhausen, born 1923 in Holstein, died 1943 in Temirtau. No official notice of death was ever sent by the government. The picture of David Kuxhausen was taken in 1941.

Maria recently visited Nowosibirsk. Today, Temirtau is in the Kemerowo region, near Kusedeewsk The Altei mountains are nearby. There is a monument to all victims in Temirtau.

David's letter.
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Send to: Kuxhausen, Susanna
Village Tumaschowo, District Nowo-Saimsk, Region Omsk
(Letter stamped as arriving on 25 January 1943.)

From your David, 3 January 1943
Dear mother,
I have decided to write you a letter for the new year. I want to tell you that I am still alive and healthy. I wish you health, too. I wish you so much good luck and I hope we will see each other again.


Dear mother,
I have already written three letters to you, but I have received no answer yet. I don't understand it, mother, don't you get my letters or don't you want to answer me? I am located at: Region Nowosibirsk, District Kusadeewsk, mine Temirtau, mail box 45 / 1 or 2. This is my address.

I arrived here on 8 November, soon it will be already two months. Mom! How are you and Amalia and what about your health? Tell me whether you received the money for the grain and the cattle that we had to leave on the Volga? I have a request to you, dear mother and sister, help me in my condition. I ask you to send me even if it is a small packet. You can send everything what you have: dried bread, roasted flour, butter, dried potatoes, tobacco, one or two kilos, smoke and typing paper, onions, garlic and salt. Mom, I hope that you know by yourself what you have.

Mom, you probably also would like to know what the weather is like here? The weather is very good. Warm weather. Clear weather. How are my grandfather and Anna? How are my father's sisters?


Dear mother and sister,
Please, I ask you once again to send me a small parcel. With this I want to end my letter and I hope that you and my other relatives will help me. Give my regards to all relatives and acquaintances. I'll wait for an answer and a packet. I hold your hands once again and kiss your white cheek. Amalia, don't forget your mother,
don't forget we grew up under her hands.

Censorship carried out
Army public prosecutor
Nowosibirsk 71
(Stamped as mailed on 1-16-1943, at Temirtau, Region Nowosibirsk)

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